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1. Guiding ideas

Based on the advanced enterprise culture construction theory, to foster employee social morality, professional morality and family virtue, improve the visibility, the degree of civilization, reputation of the enterprise, the enhancement enterprise cohesion, competitiveness, productivity for the purpose, adhere to the people-oriented, full implementation of the enterprise culture construction of our company features, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, practice the enterprise values, enterprise development strategy and employees' vision organic unification, operators concept and concept of harmonious employees, synchronous improve employees' inner world and outer environment, building a harmonious enterprise, to promote my company's "three civilization" construction of coordinated development.

2. Annual work objectives

We will further excavate and carry forward the spirit of the enterprise, establish a positive image of the company, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of corporate culture.

Iii. The principles of cultural construction should be followed and adhered to

1. Systematic principles. 2. Principle of effectiveness. 3. People-oriented principle. Adhering to the principle of keeping up with The Times.