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Introduction of glass panel liquid level gauge.

Release date:2017-10-10 Author:Henan tranquil auspicious Click:

The surface treatment of glass panel is electrophoresis paint and hot galvanizing. The following two kinds of surface treatment are introduced and compared.

Electrophoretic paint was to have been painted on the conductivity of the material in the full of water to dilute the concentration of low electrophoretic coating as anode or cathode in the tank, the other set in the tank and its corresponding cathode (or anode), in the indirect communication between dc after a period of time, in the coated surface sedimentary out even close, not dissolved by water coating method of a kind of special coating.

Electrophoretic coating as a kind of new type of low pollution, save energy, save resources, protect and anticorrosive coating, coating level off, good water resistance and chemical resistance, easy to realize the mechanization and automation in coating, suitable for complex shape, edge edges, cavity work-piece coating, is widely applied in automobile, the application of automotive, electrical and mechanical hardware, household appliances.

The hot dip zinc layer is formed by three steps of zinc in the liquid state, and the iron base surface is dissolved by zinc solution to form zinc and ferroalloy phase layer. The zinc ions in the alloy layer are further diffused to form zinc and iron intercalation layer. The alloy layer is coated with zinc.

The thick and dense pure zinc layer covers the surface of the steel fasteners. It can avoid the contact between the steel matrix and any corrosion solution and protect the steel fastener matrix from corrosion. In the general atmosphere, a thin, dense layer of zinc oxide is formed on the surface of the zinc layer. It is difficult to dissolve in water, so it has a protective effect on the steel fastener matrix. If zinc oxide and other components in the atmosphere produce insoluble zinc salt, the anti-corrosion effect is more ideal. With zinc-iron alloy layer and compact, it is characteristic of corrosion resistance in Marine salt spray atmosphere and industrial atmosphere. Because of the combination of strong, zinc - iron mutual solution, has a strong wear resistance.

The difference between electrophoretic paint and zinc plating on the surface of the glass panel.

1. Film forming material. The coating material of zinc coating is metal zinc, and the film of dielectrophoresis paint is lacquer.

2. Compared with galvanized, electrophoresis paint combines electroplating and spray paint and overcome their shortcomings, the advantages of the electrophoretic paint has the high dispersing ability, even if a notch in the products, also can form completely uniform paint film, and can adjust different operating voltage to control the thickness of the coating to achieve high corrosion resistance, due to the influence of current distribution in the process of elimination of electroplating zinc coating thickness uneven phenomenon, but also eliminates the crust in the process of spray paint, tears of failure.

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