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The pressure gauge is commonly used.

Release date:2017-10-12 Author:Henan tranquil auspicious Click:

If the pressure does not meet the requirements, it will not only affect the production efficiency, reduce the product quality, but also cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, pressure measurement has special status in industrial production.

Classification of pressure gauges -.

General (general) indicator type, digital type, regular type, special type, electric contact type, remote transmission type, vibration resistant type, anti-seismic type, diaphragm type, corrosion resistant type, etc.

Classification of accuracy by pressure gauges -.

The accuracy rating of precision pressure gauges is 0.1, 0.16, 0.25 and 0.4 respectively. The measuring accuracy of general pressure gauges is 1.0, 1.6, 2.5 and 4.0, respectively.

According to the pressure gauge indicator classification -.

It is divided into general pressure gauge, absolute pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge. General pressure gauges are based on atmospheric pressure; The absolute pressure gauge is based on absolute pressure zero; Differential pressure gauges measure the difference between two measured pressures.

Classification by pressure gauge -.

It is divided into vacuum gauge, pressure vacuum gauge, micro pressure gauge, low pressure gauge, medium pressure gauge and high pressure gauge.

The vacuum gauge is used to measure the pressure value less than atmospheric pressure; The pressure vacuum gauge is used to measure the pressure value less than and greater than the atmospheric pressure; The micropressure gauge is used to measure the pressure value less than 60000 Pa. The low pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure value of 0~6MPa. The medium pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure value of 10~60MPa. High pressure gauges are used to measure pressure values above 100MPa.

Classification by means of pressure gauges -.

The pressure gauge is divided into pointer pressure gauge and digital pressure gauge.

Seismic pressure gauges -.

Seismic pressure gauge shell made of whole sealing structure, and fill the damping oil inside the shell, because of its vibration damping effect can be used in the work environment or medium pressure (load) pulse measurement sites.

Electric contact pressure gauge -.

A pressure gauge with an electrical contact control switch can be used for alarm or control functions.

Remote pressure gauges -.

A pressure gauge with a remote mechanism can provide electrical signals (such as resistance signals or standard dc current signals) required in industrial engineering.

Diaphragm pressure gauge -.

The separator (chemical seal) used in the diaphragm can be separated from the instrument by isolating the diaphragm, so as to measure the pressure of strong corrosion, high temperature and easy crystallization medium.

Memory pressure gauges -.

When measured element effect, black pressure display pointer will drive the red memory pointer to indicate, when there is no pressure to force, pressure display pointer will return to zero, black and red memory pointer will stay just shows the location of the pressure, let staff clearly know the work pressure display of, have the effect of a memory.

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