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Automatic instrument calibration safe operation maintenance procedures.

Release date:2017-12-28 Author:Hui xiang automation system. Click:

Huixiang automation system co., LTD. Is a professional automation instrument r&d and manufacturing enterprise. The company USES the advanced manufacturing technology, is engaged in the digitalization and informationization of pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature measuring and adjusting process parameters, such as, recording, remote transmission, control, the pneumatic actuator product development, manufacturing and system integration. The electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electric power, petroleum, power station, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, light industry, electronics, machinery, food and other industries. The following hui xiang instrument introduces the safety operation and maintenance procedures for automatic instrument calibration.

1. Abide by "general safe operating procedures for automatic instruments".

2. It is necessary to understand the instruction, principle and performance of the automated instrument to be tested.

3. The equipment shall be observed when using vibration table, oven, low-temperature goods or other equipment for performance test.

Safety technical operation procedures. It is necessary to concentrate on the test, not to leave without permission, to observe the test situation and make a good record.

4. When using oil or other solvents to clean the automatic instrument parts, open the ventilation equipment and strictly prohibit open fire.

Work, pay attention to the surrounding environment, operators must not leave, after the use of the remaining solvent should be packaged, according to flammable and explosive materials management rules storage and management.

5. Do not use electric furnace oven for heating oil and other inflammables. Electric heating equipment shall be designated to be responsible for management.

QQ screenshots 20171228145808 JPG

6. Please check the schematic diagram or other information carefully before checking the wiring diagram.

Start experimenting.

7. Any calibrated automation instrument must be posted and checked and verified, otherwise.

No on-site use.

8. The removal of the automatic instrument or field automation instrument that has stopped operation must be recorded in the production workshop.

Case in case the operator mishandled the accident.

9. When the power supply of the automation instrument exceeds the safety voltage, strict insulation measures shall be required. No wires are allowed.

Insert the plug directly into the socket.

10. Check the equipment used for the performance of automatic instrument pressure or positive space. A protective barrier or guardrail shall be provided in case of an accident.

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