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Passive isolation module.

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  • Release date:2018/01/08
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Function: needed to convert all kinds of dc current signal into dc signal, realize the direct electrical isolation between signal, eliminate circuit and reducing interference, also has a high voltage protection and current peak inhibition. Features: small volume, suitable for intensive installation; DIN rail type, convenient loading and unloading, high isolation performance, strong anti-interference; High conversion accuracy and stable performance.


No external power source is required to obtain a small amount of energy from the input signal to realize signal isolation and conversion. Installation of 35mm guide rail, 2000V isolation pressure, 0.1% transmission accuracy, surge protection function. Modular design, small size, low power consumption. In practical application, the problem of signal interconnection can be solved effectively, and it can effectively suppress the possible interference during signal transmission.

Isolation between input loop and output loop of passive isolation module.

The base of the product is designed with the plug - in structure of the main machine. The terminals are connected by screws, and the standard 35mmDIN guide is mounted. It can be used with unit combination instrument, DCS, PLC and other systems.

The output signal

The rated load


500Ω  600Ω


250Ω  300Ω


250Ω  300Ω


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