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Scale electromagnetic cold/heat scale

  • Classification of the genus:Electromagnetic cold/heat meter.

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  • Release date:2018/01/08
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The electromagnetic heat meter consists of a flow measurement unit, a heat cell and an accurate matching temperature sensor (PT1000). According to the flow signal of the flow sensor in the system and the backwater temperature signal detected by the matched temperature sensor, and the time calculated by the flow, the heat released or absorbed by the system is shown.

1. Power supply AC220V; 2 4 ~ 95 ℃, temperature measuring range, resolution 0.01 ℃; 3, 3 ~ 75 ℃ temperature range; 4. Display the large-screen dot matrix liquid crystal display; 5. Accuracy level 1.0; 6. Environmental grade A; 7. Relative humidity is less than 90% RH; 8. The matching temperature sensor installation shall be within 50m of the water supply and backwater pipeline. Total 9, temperature measurement error is 0.1 ℃ or less (0.05 ℃) or less internal control; 10. The electromagnetic heat scale was applicable to the diameter of DN15~ DN2600.


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