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Long diameter nozzle flowmeter

  • Classification of the genus:Nozzle flow meter.

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  • Release date:2018/01/05
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The nozzle flowmeter is the differential pressure generator to measure the flow, and the flow of various fluids in the pipe can be measured with various differential pressure gauges or differential pressure transmitters. Standard nozzle throttling device and differential pressure transmitter are used to measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas. It is widely used in oil, chemical, metallurgy, power, light industry and other departments.

The upstream side of the long diameter nozzle consists of a plane perpendicular to the axis, a contraction section of a 1/4 ellipse, a cylindrical throat, and a nozzle that can be composed of grooves or bevel angles. Compared with orifice flowmeter, the pressure loss of nozzle flowmeter is smaller, thus saving energy.

1. Applicable media; Especially suitable for high temperature high-pressure steam and water;

2. Nominal diameter: dn50-630mm (DN>630 can also be designed and produced);

3. Work pressure:

4, work temperature: - 50 ℃ to 650 ℃;

5. Pressure method: diameter (d-d / 2);

6. Installation method of the nozzle: set the pressure hole in the belt and the downstream pipe section and the diameter (d-d / 2);

7. Accuracy level: level 2.0;

8. Nozzle material: stainless steel 304; 316 etc.


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