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Hx-sbwz explosion-proof integrated temperature transmitter

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A. We mentioned

Flameproof integrated temperature transmitter (hereinafter referred to as the transmitter) is according to Q/ZZ HHX004-2012 "standard of flameproof integrated temperature transmitter enterprise", the GB3836.1-2010 "explosive environment Part 1: general requirements for equipment ", GB3836.2-2010 "explosive environment Part 2: by flame-proof enclosures "d" protection equipment "regulation, the explosion-proof marks for the Ex d Ⅱ C T6 Gb.

This product is used in explosive gas, steam, the mist a sensor measurement of the factory environment, and is often used to display instrument, adjusting instruments, etc, to directly measure all kinds of production engineering, all kinds of gas, the temperature of the liquid medium.

The product is inspected by the national quality inspection center of explosion-proof electrical products and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate. The explosion-proof certificate number is CNEx13.

Second, the principle of

1. The working principle of

The system consists of a temperature probe and a two-wire solid electronic unit. The electronic unit is directly installed in the junction box in the form of solid module to form an integrated transmitter.

2. Explosion-proof principle

Flameproof explosion-proof structure is based on the maximum test security clearance, through the flame-proof joint surface quenching and cooling effect, make the combustible mixture inside the flame-proof shell explosion and flame-proof shell is not damaged, and does not cause external lit the principle of design and manufacture of explosive gas.

This product is suitable for the existing Ⅱ, Ⅱ B, Ⅱ C level, T1 ~ T6 group 1 zone and 2 zone the explosion of the combustible gas or vapor and air form

Area 1 and 2 of the sex mixture.

3. Basic technical parameters

The model specifications and meanings of the integrated temperature transmitter are as follows:

1. The temperature measuring range: 0 ~ + 800 ℃

2. Explosion-proof marks: Ex d Ⅱ C T6 Gb

3. Rated voltage: 24VDC

4. Output current: 4 ~ 20mA

5. Scale:

Table 1




热电阻 PT100



热电阻 Cu50



热电偶 B



热电偶 S



热电偶 K



热电偶 N




热电偶 E




热电偶 J




热电偶 T






6. Protection level: IP65

7. The environmental conditions are as follows:

A atmospheric pressure of 80 ~ 110kPa;

Ambient temperature: b - 20 ~ 40 ℃;

C air maximum relative humidity is not more than 80% (+ 25 ℃);

D is A and B Ⅱ Ⅱ, Ⅱ C level, T1 ~ T6 group 1 zone and 2 zone of flammable gas or vapor and air form explosive mixture of place;

E in a gas or vapor environment without damaging insulation;

F where there is no significant shaking and impact vibration;

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