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The development and status of metering instrumentation.

Release date:2017-09-14 Author: Click:

Measurement is the human understanding of the tool material around the world, is very important in the modern civilization of technology and management basis, the development of measuring instruments, involved in all walks of life, homes, went deep into every corner of human life.

Metering instrument is a precision equipment specially designed for measuring pressure, flow and temperature of water, gas, electricity and oil. Including thousands of products, in the last 20 years of the last century, with the development of microelectronic technology and communication technology. According to scientific classification, modern measurement includes three aspects: scientific measurement, legal measurement and engineering measurement. The task of scientific measurement is to develop and establish basic standards of measurement, ensure the transmission and traceability of measurement values, and provide basic guarantee for legal metrology and engineering lecturers. The task of legal metrology is to regulate the important measuring instruments and commodity measurement lines of the national economy and the people's people's livelihood, and to ensure the accuracy of relevant measures according to law. Engineering measurement task is for the other measurement activities of the whole society quantity traceability, calibration, testing services, on the basis of our specific divided into geometric measurement, temperature measurement, measurement mechanics, electromagnetism measurement, optical measurement, acoustic measurement, electronics, measurement time and frequency metrology, ionizing radiation, chemical measurement. At present, there are more than six thousand enterprises of all kinds of measuring instruments in our country, has formed relatively complete kinds of varieties, has a certain technology and production scale of industry system, to become Asia excluding Japan's second largest producer of measuring instruments and meters. Since 1995, the overall situation of the instrument industry in China has been developing forward. Products such as miniaturization, integration, intelligence, bus pace to keep up with international development direction, emerge a batch of advanced technology of new products, a considerable scale of the rise of private enterprises, is the new force measuring instrument industry development in our country. Should be clearly aware that though measuring instrument and meter industry in China has a certain development, but are not meet the scientific research of the national economy, national defense construction and social life each aspect such as the pressing needs of the growing, measuring instrument in our country, the vast majority of such belongs to the technical level, and the reliability, stability and other key indicators have not meet all requirements, high-grade, large instruments and equipment for almost all rely on imports, many of the key parts and components, intermediate products and foreign companies also occupies more than 60% of the domestic market.


The factors that restrict the development of meter industry in our country. There are many problems in the development of metering instruments in our country, which are facing a serious situation. The main factors are the following four aspects:

First, technological innovation and its industrialization progress lag. Modern metrology is optical, mechanical and electrical, computer, and many kinds of basic subject highly integrated product, is very sensitive to new technology, is a new technology in modern industrial product renewal frequency consciousness and the application of one of the categories of rapidly, every year there are a number of new product launch, especially in today's information age, increasingly fierce competition, the development speed slow down, will be left behind. In today's already entered the 21st century, our country is measuring instrument is common at the international level in the early 1980 s, the large and high-grade instrument almost all rely on imports, many need special instruments or blank, low-standard products ensure the quality and there are many difficulties need to overcome. Sluggish industrialization of scientific and technological innovation and its development, the development of measuring instrument and meter industry in China was restricted a "bottleneck" restricting the measuring instrument and meter industry science and technology innovation and development of our country lagging there are three main factors: the first is a serious shortage of funding; The second is the lack of talent; The third is the lack of official, production, learning, research, full and effective combination.

The stability and reliability of products are not fundamentally solved in the long run.

China's econometric products, including industrial automation instrumentation system, communication instruments, etc., although the technical indicators are not very large compared with those of similar products abroad, the stability and reliability are not high. There are three main reasons for restricting the scope and reliability of measurement products in China.

(1) long-term neglect of the development of basic technology research.

(2) the quality of domestic and basic parts is not acceptable.

(3) poor quality control and management of the products, and the product quality is not acceptable.

The old system has restricted the development of enterprises.

The old system is to restrict our economy, especially the state-owned enterprises to develop a common problem. The instrument industry is no exception. Quite a number of state-owned enterprises, due to long-term under the bondage of the old system, can't pull away from the historical burden of students, in the loss of vitality of the market competition, the production and operation and serious landslide, a large number of backbone enterprises, the struggle between life, therefore, to speed up the reform of the system is one of the important ways of development.

4. The development of the metering instrument industry is restricted by the objective environment.

(1) taxes are too heavy. Measurement with products enterprise, the general scale is not large, production batch is not much, total output and economic benefit is not high, but the modern measuring instruments and meters, to the national economy has a great pushing effect the incalculable double benefit. For industries with such a special property, the 17% value-added tax, 33% income tax and the same percentage of duties are taxed as much as any other industry.

(2) governments at all levels, including the competent authorities of the industry, as well as Banks, tax authorities and industry and commerce departments, have insufficient understanding of the importance of the development of metrological products and support insufficient support.

(3) lack of procurement policies to support the development of national industries.

(4) China's basic industrial capacity is poor. Including product quality, service ability and reputation ability are poor, directly affect the development of the industry.

To revitalize the measures and Suggestions of the metrology instrument industry in China. For the development of the revitalization of industry, the country should be made by the state planning commission, economic and trade commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance and other relevant departments jointly negotiate the necessary supporting policies, modern measure a combination of a variety of high-tech achievements. Development of modern measuring instruments and meters, must focus on top talent to invest large sums, so we need a batch of which shows the economic strength of famous brand of large companies, as the leading enterprises, promote the development of the industry at the same time as soon as possible to the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and development of state-owned enterprises inject new vitality. Because the instrument industry generally small, history is not long, so the "burden" is lighter, and easy to adjust the product structure, therefore, restructuring the difficulty is relatively small, suggested to speed up the pace of restructuring of state-owned enterprises, can put forward clear requirements, to promote the development of measuring instrument industry will have a positive role.

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