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Installation precautions for metal rotor flowmeter.

Release date:2017-08-17 Author: Click:

How to install the metal rotor flowmeter in daily work is very important to ensure the accuracy of measurement and prolong the service life of the instrument. The correct installation is very important to ensure the measurement accuracy of the metal rotor flowmeter. Henan huixiang automation instrument to summarize the following points:

1. The metal rotor flow meter is in the indoor dry and ventilated place. Avoid installation in places where the temperature is too high, should not be subjected to strong vibration, avoid equipment with strong magnetic field, such as big motor, transformer, etc. Avoid installing corrosive gases. The installation site is easy to repair. This is the environmental condition that guarantees the normal operation of the metal rotor flow meter.

2. In order to ensure that the metal rotor flowmeter is filled with measured media, the metal rotor flowmeter is best installed vertically and flows to the bottom. Especially for liquid solid two-phase flow, must be installed vertically. If only horizontal installation is allowed on site, two electrodes must be kept in the same horizontal plane.

3. In order to avoid interference signals, the signals between the metal rotor flow meter and the converter must be transmitted by shielding wire. The signal cables and power lines are not allowed to be placed in the same cable tube. The length of the signal cable shall not exceed 30m.

4. The millivolt ac potential measured by the electrode of the metal rotor flowmeter is based on the liquid potential in the metal rotor flowmeter. In order to make the fluid potential and fluid to maintain stability and a transmitter, a measure to ensure the steady, shell and tube ends should have a good grounding in the transmitter, the converter shell is connected to. The grounding resistance shall not be greater than 10 and shall not be Shared with the ground wire of other electrical equipment. If there is no guarantee that the transmitter shell is in good contact with the metal pipe, the metal wires are applied to connect them. Reliable grounding.

5. In order to avoid the influence of relative measurement of flow velocity, the flow control valve shall be set downstream of the transmitter. For small-bore transmitters, since the distance from the electrode center to the inlet of the flow meter is equivalent to several times the length of the diameter D, it is not necessary to regulate the upstream straight pipe. However, for a larger flowmeter, there should be more than 5D straight pipe section upstream, and the downstream is generally not required for straight pipe section.

6, converter installation location should avoid ac and dc magnetic field and vibration of the ambient temperature is 20 a 50 ℃, does not contain corrosive gases, relative humidity is not more than 80%.

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