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Types of pressure transmitters and matters needing attention.

Release date:2017-08-16 Author: Click:

In all kinds of instruments, transmitter is the most widely used, and the transmitter is generally divided into pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter. Transmitters are commonly used to measure pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, liquid level, flow and density, etc. The transmitter has two - wire system and four - wire system. Intelligent and non-intelligent, intelligent transmitter is more and more; There are pneumatic and electric components, and the electric transmitter is in the majority; In addition, according to the application situation, there are ben-type and flameproof types; According to the main types of the transmitter, the main types of the transmitter are as follows: a large number of transmitter categories, in general, the transmitter sends a signal to the secondary instrument to display the measurement data for the secondary instrument.

To convert a physical measurement signal or a common electrical signal into a standard electrical signal output or a device that can be output in a communication protocol. Generally divided into: temperature/humidity transmitter, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, current transmitter, power transmitter, flow transmitter, weight transmitter and so on.

Transmitter - a device that follows a physical law (or experimental mathematical model) to convert physical quantities into standard signals such as 4-20ma.

The transmitter converts the sensor signal into a uniform standard signal: 0/4-20madc, 1-5vdc, 0-10vdc.

Transmitter: in addition to the sensing function, there is also the function of amplification and shaping, output as the standard control signal. For example: 4-20ma is the five main points of use for pressure transmitters.

1. Do not touch the diaphragm with hard objects, resulting in the damage of the isolation diaphragm;

2. Do not add more than 36V voltage to the transmitter, causing damage to the transmitter;

3: the media is not allowed to freeze, otherwise the damage sensor element will be isolated, causing damage to the transmitter and temperature protection of the transmitter when necessary to prevent freezing.

4. When measuring the steam or other high temperature medium, the heat pipe should be used to connect the transmitter and the pipe, and the pressure on the pipe will be transferred to the transformer. When the measured medium is water vapor, a moderate amount of water should be injected into the heat pipe to prevent the superheated steam from contacting the transmitter directly and damaging the sensor.

5. When measuring the steam or other high temperature media, the temperature should not exceed the limit temperature of the transmitter, which must be higher than the limit temperature used by the transmitter.

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