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WDL series current/voltage transmitter.

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  • Release date:2018/01/08
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WDL series electric quantity isolation transmitter of high precision, small volume, low power consumption, wide frequency response, can solve the automatic detection and isolation of multi-channel data acquisition, conversion, transmission and key technical problems such as total, total power, can effectively overcome the common mode interference, improve the system accuracy, simplify system design and reduce the system cost.

Linear measurement range: 0 ~ 120% nominal loss; AC (0 to 5 a)/(0-500) V AC

Frequency: 25Hz ~ 5KHz.

Rated temperature: - 20 ~ + 50 ℃

Isolation voltage: > 2.5KVDC,1 minute.

Working power: 24V plus or minus 2V.

Overload capacity: more than 10 times current, voltage 2 times above nominal input, lasts 5 seconds.

The input and output are completely isolated.

Average free working time: > 30,000 hours.

Accuracy: plus or minus 0.2%FS or + 0.5%FS.

Adopt new electromagnetic isolation, or photoelectric isolation induction type input, high precision, micro power consumption.



For example: hx-wp-wdl-aca12 (0 ~ 5A), the single-phase ac current transmitter with input range of 0 ~ 5A, output is 4 ~ 20mA, and the accuracy is 0.5.

Note: the power supply of the transmitter is 24VDC. If 220VAC is required, please order the instructions.

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