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Hx3051/1151 remote pressure/differential pressure transmitter

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The flanged differential pressure transmitter is a differential pressure transmitter which is connected with the flange and the measured object, which is used to measure the parameters of liquid level, boundary surface and proportion. It can continuously measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas, and convert the measured parameter values into uniform standard gas pressure signals.

HX3051/1151 type double flange level transmitter is used to prevent the medium directly into the transmitter in the pipeline pressure sensor components, it is between the transmitter and capillary connected by the filled with fluid. The liquid level, flow and pressure used to measure the liquid, gas, or steam, and then convert it into 4 ~ 20mA DC signal output.

The HX3051/1151 double flange level transmitter with a remote sealing device becomes the hx3051/1151 double flange level transmitter, which still has various characteristics of hx3051/1151lt differential pressure/pressure transmitter. Can communicate with the HART hand operator, through which it is set and monitored.

It is possible to avoid direct contact with the diaphragm of the transmitter. This method can be applied to the following situations:

1. The tested medium has the corrosive effect on the transmitter sensor

2. It is necessary to isolate the high temperature measurement medium from the transmitter

3. Solid suspended or high viscosity medium in the measured medium

4. The measured medium is easily solidified or crystallized by the primer tube

5. The measuring head should be strictly purified by changing the measured medium

6. The measuring head must be hygienic and strictly prohibited from pollution. Use object: corrosive or viscous liquid

Note: remote transmitter is not suitable for vacuum occasions.


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